silica gel orange / Silica Gel Beads / Silica Gel Spherical / Silica Gel Round

Silica Gel Beads is available in three different type. White Silica Gel Beads, Blue Silica Gel Beads & Orange Silica Gel Beads. Beads type Silica Gel is also known as Round Silica Gel or Spherical Silica Gel. Including blue indicator (with cobalt chloride) and orange indicator (non cobalt) Usually used as dryer and humidity indicator for precision instruments, medicine, petrol chemicals, foodstuff, clothing, leather, electric appliances, other industrial gases, etc.

Adsorption Capacity Min 8% Min 9% RH=20
Min 20% Min 22% RH=50
Moisture Max 5% Max 2%
Attrition Max 10% Max 10%
Qualified ratio of particle Min 96% Min 90%
Bulk Density Min 700g/L Min 700g/L
Color Variation Blue or Light blue Light brown yellow RH=20
Purple or Purplish red Light brown green RH=35
Light red Light blackish green RH=50